We are always on the look out for young, intelligent, attractive and stylish ladies who love the finer things in life. If you think this is you and you are open to romantic encounters then we are looking for you. Students, models are also welcome.

With one of the best payouts in the industry, Nairobi Companions provides you with an opportunity to make the kind of money you wouldn’t normally make. Our clients pay us for your time and we pay you really well too.

Confidence is key here, and we want you to radiate it.

Are you educated, and great at creating raport with friends and strangers a like? You will have to be reliable and very discreet because this job demands it.

We want your dates with our clients to be a success, and key to that is your personality. The faster you are at adapting to conditions and the more at ease you are on your dates the more sucessful they will be come.

Its a win/win relationship with us and it can be lots of fun too so keep that in mind while you interact with our clients.

More importantly is the fact that we want to get to know you in order to better help you achieve success by understanding your personality and comfort levels and what you can and are not comfortable doing. That way we can match you with the right client and avoid wasting time and money. Because time is actually money in this business.

We have one of the best payouts in that we pay you 66% of the pay.

Send a recent photo of yourself to help us arrange an interview with you. We take your privacy seriously and will NEVER publish any photos you send us without your consent.

Please Note: We are also looking for ladies outside Nairobi. That is ladies in Mombasa, Lamu, Nakuru etc

send to: info@nairobicompanions.com